Nurture Yourself

Nourish your body and your soul for inner peace and happiness. Be good to you. Make each choice a healthy one. Your cells hear what you say to others and the messages you repeat in your head. Keep these positive. Your cells witness actions around you so keep your space healthy. Your cells hear words that are spoken to you. Keep company with high energy. Turn off the TV, the chatter and banter.

Listen to the quiet, relaxing music, the sounds of nature. Hear the birds’ songs, the babbling creek, soothing ocean waves, the whispering breeze. Enjoy the open air, the great outdoors, take a relaxing walk.

Share a pleasant conversation with a loved one, a smile, a gentle touch. These feed your soul. Tell yourself that you love you. Thank your body for serving you so well. Surround yourself with goodness and balance.

Have a nourishing week my friends!

Be well,

Mary Elle